Supply Chain and Distribution

Getting the finest spirits to international customers in perfect condition is the role of Edrington’s supply chain teams.
The company’s priority is to deliver its products with the highest standards of manufacturing to global customers.


Packaging procurementManufacturingCased goods & outbound logisticsSingle service centre

From cartons and closures to hand-made crystal decanters by Lalique, the packaging of Edrington’s brands has garnered international awards for quality and innovation.

The company seeks to work with local companies where possible, and to combine high quality design and performance with environmental responsibility.

Edrington was awarded Scotland’s first Green Apple environmental award for its new lightweight customised glass bottle for The Famous Grouse, leading to significant reductions in the company’s carbon footprint.

Edrington’s Great Western Road head office in the west end of Glasgow is home to the fastest whisky bottling line in the world, where up to ten bottles a second can be filled, labelled and packaged.

Edrington’s skilled and experienced workforce operates to the highest international standards of quality, environmental sustainability and health and safety, including ISO9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004) and BS:OHSAS 18001.

Edrington’s cased goods warehouses processes more than seven million cases a year for export to over a hundred international markets.

A Single Service Centre (SSC) integrates purchasing, planning, technical and customer services to support the safe delivery of every bottle to every customer.

Driven by a leading-edge SAP enterprise system, the SSC also provides process and technical support to Brugal rum operations in the Dominican Republic.