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Annual Report 2022 - Global Supply Chain


MD, Global Supply Chain

Luis Garrido

"We are building a sustainable supply chain that can deliver on our commitment to achieve Net Zero"

I am proud of what Edrington's Global Supply Chain team has delivered over the past year thanks to a combination of commitment, collaboration and agility.

Our people have shown amazing commitment in overcoming countless challenges to deliver such strong results for the financial year. The primary task of our Global Supply ChainĀ is to get these incredible brands into the hands of consumers, and we have overcome every obstacle to achieve that this year.

We have collaborated with colleagues from around the world to ensure we were able to deliver the volumes and value required. In addition, we worked together with our business units to develop new capabilities in areas such as liquid innovation and the creation of Edrington France and Maxxium BeLux. During the year we also supported the growth of the portfolio, integrating our newest brand, No.3 London Dry Gin, which is a strategic partnership between Edrington and Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Agility is the third element that has been crucial to our success over the past couple of years, and it will remain so. It is clear that we will continue to see disruption and imbalances in global supply chains over the next year and that the fundamentals of the traditional supply chain model have changed permanently. We have responded by refocusing our own strategy to dovetail with the Edrington vision and mission to become the world's best at crafting exceptional ultra-premium spirit brands. As well as raising the bar on quality, resilience and innovation, we are building a sustainable supply chain that can deliver on our commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2045.

I'm excited about the year ahead. We have the right strategy in place and a talented global team that we will continue to back with further investments in our people and assets.