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Group HR Director

Veronika Gunn-Boesch

"We have to look after our great culture and continue to build on it"

A great culture and a skilled and engaged community of colleagues drive the long-term success of our business.

Edrington is committed to being an employer of choice in our industry, and we have responded to the changes we have seen in the world of work by introducing progressive initiatives that focus on the wellbeing and development of our people, and on diversity, equity and inclusion, (DE&I).

We are proud to be an international business with an incredibly diverse set of consumers, customers and colleagues. We have made considerable progress in our DE&I strategy in the past year, increasing the number of females at senior levels of the business and continuing to narrow our gender pay gap in the UK. We have broadened our diversity agenda to focus on the areas of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and disability.

The past couple of years have reminded us of how much we value the human aspects of work. We want meaningful connections with our colleagues and a sense of shared values. Offering a pay and benefits package that attracts talented people is essential but more than anything, we want everyone to feel valued at work. I am pleased that our employee turnover remains low and our recent employee engagement survey generated our highest participation rate ever and a further improved engagement score.

Developing our people by building the skills and capabilities needed to deliver our vision is a key area of our business strategy. Last year we increased our focus on creating tailored development plans for all our people, putting them in the driving seat of their career through a combination of the Edrington Academy, work-based learning and our annual Learning at Work Festival. 

We also introduced a hybrid way of working that is designed to give our people the flexibility they need to achieve a positive work-life balance, but also to support and encourage time spent in the office, connecting and collaborating with each other face to face.

We have to look after our brilliant culture and continue to build on it for the future.