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Annual Report 2023 - Global Supply Chain


MD, Global Supply Chain

Luis Garrido

"Agility, forward planning and strong supplier relationships will continue to be the cornerstone of our operations"

Edrington's Global Supply Chain experienced another eventful year in 2022/23, marked by significant challenges and remarkable achievements.

For the third year in succession, supply chains around the world have been under enormous pressure. Throughout the year, our team encountered external challenges that tested our capabilities, including a global scarcity of glass and paper that has affected manufacturers around the world. I am encouraged by the exceptional resilience they have shown in overcoming every obstacle to deliver excellent results.

This outstanding level of commitment is reflected in our employee engagement score, which has increased within Global Supply Chain for the fifth year in succession. 

Our performance has been aided significantly by a new global supply chain strategy that is closely aligned to Edrington's ultra-premium strategy. Agility, forward planning and strong supplier relationships are the tools that we have relied upon during the turbulence of the past few years and they will continue to be the cornerstone of our operations in the coming year.

The business has made major investments in sustainability this year, both within our operations at The Glenrothes and Highland Park, and in building a framework to bring down our indirect carbon emissions, particularly Scope 3 emissions, which are an essential factor in achieving our ambition to reach Net Zero by 2045. The future of our significant supplier relationships will be with partners who share our Net Zero ambitions.

I am optimistic that Global Supply Chain is in good shape to deliver excellence safely and sustainably, and is ready to support another year of excellent results.