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Sir Ian Good CBE

Photograph of Sir Ian Good, former Chairman of Edrington

We are saddened at the passing of Sir Ian Good CBE, Edrington's former Chairman, who has passed away at the age of 80.

Edrington CEO, Scott McCroskie, describes Ian as a central figure in the history of the company:

"Sir Ian will be remembered as a key architect of the Edrington we know today. He worked with the Robertson sisters and led a team that transformed our business from a Whisky blender and broker to an international premium Spirits company. He also introduced employee share ownership that has allowed so many employees to share in Edrington’s success. 

‌‌"Sir Ian cared deeply about Edrington’s people and the empathetic, supportive culture we feel in the business today is in large part a legacy of that. He also believed in striving for ‘Excellence’, which remains one of our core values. 

‌‌"I had the privilege to work with Sir Ian for a few years before he retired, and to see him occasionally after that. Whilst he could be robust when he had to be, the man I knew was one of the cleverest, kindest and most compassionate that I have met. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his legacy. He will be sadly missed.”

All at Edrington send their sincere condolences to Lady Irene, his daughters and all his family.


November 03, 2023