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Annual Reports & Accounts

Explore our Annual Reports to learn more about Edrington's strategy and how our brands and business are developing.

The number 200 in copper sitting in front of the casks at The Macallan distillery

2024 Report

"Edrington has navigated a challenging year to deliver financial results that are among the best in the spirits industry"

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2023 Report

"This year's strong performance has allowed us to invest industry-leading sums behind our brands, our people and our operations"

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Three Macallan M Collection bottles in the forefront on top of a bar with people in the background
The Reach 81 year old

2022 Report

"This annual report details a highly successful year for Edrington, in which our brands and key markets bounced back from the challenges of last year to deliver excellent results"


2021 Report

"The business's response to the unprecedented challenges of 2020 has been outstanding."

The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages Collection

2020 Report

"The year ending March 2020 was a highly successful one for Edrington and its brands. While this is welcome in its own right, it has also helped ensure that our business is on a sound financial footing as it deals with the impact of the Covid 19 crisis."

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2019 Report

"We started the year with the launch of The Macallan's new distillery and visitor experience and carried on that momentum by focusing on our use of exceptional oak casks, premium packaging, digital consumer communications and building the capabilities of the great people that make up Edrington."

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The Macallan Distillery

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2018 Report

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