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The Macallan and Grupo Estévez announce partnership

A horse is led through a bodega of sherry casks

We are delighted to announce that The Macallan has formed a partnership with Bodegas Grupo Estévez, S.L., in an affirmation of the extraordinary lengths the brand will go to ensure that its Single Malt Scotch Whisky is matured in the finest quality Sherry-seasoned oak casks.   

Igor Boyadjian, MD, The Macallan, said the joint venture with Grupo Estévez and their superb and historic Sherries is the next natural step in The Macallan’s pursuit of incomparable craftsmanship and whisky mastery, ensuring a sustainable supply of highest-quality Sherry production for our Sherry-seasoned casks. 

Igor said: “Our partnership with Grupo Estévez builds on The Macallan’s long-standing, deep relationship with the Jerez community and with our wide range of valued suppliers in the Sherry industry that have always played a critical role in the quality of our exceptional Scotch Whisky.  

“We hand select our Sherry-seasoned oak casks from Jerez for richness and complexity. The partnership with Grupo Estévez demonstrates the creativity and innovation that has driven The Macallan since it was founded almost 200 years ago and continues the brand’s evolution through masters collaborating with masters.” 

Grupo Estévez, led by CEO José Ramón Estévez, are owners of renowned vineyards and bodegas in Jerez’s “Sherry Triangle” where they make and mature the ultra-premium Valdespino brand of Sherries and aperitifs.  Valdespino is one of the most historic and prestigious bodegas in Jerez, dating back to 1264 and having ownership of exclusive vineyards in the Pago de Macharnudo, considered the “Grand Cru” of Jerez.  

Under this new partnership, the Valdespino brand of ultra-premium Sherries and aperitifs will be added to the Edrington portfolio and their growth will be supported by the distribution and marketing capabilities of The Macallan in selected international markets. The expertise of Sherry Wine making will be retained through the existing leadership team led by Grupo Estévez CEO, José Ramón Estévez.  

José Ramón Estévez said he and his family were incredibly pleased to be forming a joint venture with The Macallan, and explained that up till now, Grupo Estévez has focused on production of their ultra-premium Sherries and aperitifs.  

He said: “This will be the first time we have used our beautiful Sherry for cask seasoning, and we are so pleased that we will do this exclusively for The Macallan, which is synonymous with the highest quality Scotch Whisky. We look forward to contributing to that quality in the years ahead through the seasoning of The Macallan casks with our Sherry.  

“We are also extremely excited to be working with The Macallan team to help build our exceptional Valdespino Sherries and aperitifs internationally. Both The Macallan and Grupo Estévez have a shared commitment to quality for our consumers and respect for the societies we live and work in and to the environment.”  

Scott McCroskie, CEO of Edrington said: “The Estévez family are a perfect partner for The Macallan in Jerez, owning some of the finest Sherries and Vermouths in the world, and custodians of such historic vineyards and bodegas. This is a partnership full of promise for The Macallan in the brand’s constant quest to continue producing exceptional quality Single Malt Scotch Whiskies that are so well-loved by consumers around the globe.” 



March 10, 2023