Brugal Rum

Brugal was founded in 1888 in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic by Don. Andres Brugal, a Spaniard by birth, whose goal was to create only the best Caribbean rum. He succeeded. His expertise in the art of rum making has been passed through five generations of the Brugal family, the Maestros Roneros, who are the guardians of our rums, making sure every bottle produced has gained the privilege to wear Brugal on it.

Core Range

The Brugal Story

Passion, dedication and hard work. The core qualities which have defined us since 1888. The last five generations of the Brugal family have held firm to these to put our Maestros Roneros in a class of their own. This is what makes our rum so distinctive and authentic. La Perfección del Ron. There are four key elements to La Perfección del Ron.

Pure New Make Spirit

Our secret family recipe has been carefully handed down from generation to generation. And it’s distilling not once, not twice, but endlessly that means Brugal is always the cleanest purest spirit.

Dominican Warmth

All of our rums mature for a minimum of two years. Our warehouses are positioned north to south to make the most of the Dominican sun from morning to night, intensifying the aging process.

Hand Picked Casks

Our casks are hand-picked by our Maestros Roneros for the right type of character, age and provenance – only the very best oak casks are used, from ex-bourbon American to ex-sherry European.

Family Touch

Nearly 130 years of Brugal Family passion, dedication and hard work has made Brugal what it is. Five generations of craftsmanship, embracing tradition and innovation to make exceptional rum.