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Narrowing the gender pay gap

Edrington People 6

Edrington's action plan to narrow the gap in pay between men and women in its UK businesses is working, a report published today confirms.

In 2022, the company had a mean gender pay gap of 8%, which represents a decrease of 4.9% percentage points from the previous year’s gap of 12.9%. The median gender pay gap was 4.6%, a fall of 5.1% percentage points from 9.7% in 2021.   

Veronika Gunn-Boesch, Global HR Director said: “We have been reporting our gender pay gap report for six years, and we are delighted that the actions and targets that we set ourselves to help close the gender pay gap further are working, with the trend of both the mean and median gender pay gap continuing to reduce. Six years on, the mean pay gap has narrowed by 17.5% points, and the median by 5.2% points, which represents a reduction of over two-thirds and one-third respectively.

“We appreciate that this is a journey, but I am encouraged by the progress we have made. We will continue with our commitment to champion equality and deliver our action plan to support a diverse and inclusive working environment at Edrington.”



See Edrington's current and previous gender pay gap reporting here


February 15, 2023