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Our Values


Our values drive our success. They make Edrington a unique and special place to work and they enable us to give more to society.


Our central purpose is giving.

Giving more to our people. Giving more to consumers in the quality of the spirits we produce. Giving more to our shareholders and our partners in business.

Ultimately, we strive to give more to society as a whole.


Americas colleagues packing food items on a Giving More day
Two colleagues in an office chatting


We will act with respect towards our colleagues, our partners, our competitors and the communities in which we operate.


We will embed integrity into the decisions we make and the way we run our business every day.

That means we will be honest, trustworthy and strive to be a good corporate citizen.


Man turning the barley using shovel at Highland Park Distillery
The Reach 81 year old


We will strive for excellence in the way we go about our work.

We will aim for excellence in every drop of every spirit we produce.