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Promoting Responsible Consumption

Every decision and action we take will be underpinned by leadership on the responsible consumption of our brands

A healthy population and a relationship of trust with consumers are vital to the success of our business. We structure our work under three pillars that represent our commitments to our people, communities and consumers:
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Our People

We support our people to work and live as alcohol responsibility ambassadors
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Our Partnerships

We work in partnership with organisations that promote alcohol responsibility
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Our Brands

Our brands promote alcohol responsibility to the people who enjoy them

Our responsibility starts with ensuring our brands are distilled, packaged and promoted to a consistently high standard everywhere in the world. However, we know that alcohol can be misused and that we have an important role to play in promoting responsible attitudes to alcohol.

Edrington applies best practice in marketing and promotion by adopting an international marketing code which requires that the highest standards are applied across all markets, even where less strict regulations apply. This is supported by training for employees across the world.

Our annual Alcohol Responsibility Month reinforces this training and gives all our employees the information and support they need to make positive choices around alcohol, whether in their work or home life.

In our markets, we work with and fund organisations that support responsible consumption and work to reduce the harms associated with alcohol misuse. You can find details and examples of these in our Annual Report.

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