Our Values

Edrington's ownership model is unique in its industry. The company's principal shareholder is The Robertson Trust, which was established in 1961 by the three Robertson sisters, who donated their shares in the businesses founded by their grandfather.

Elspeth, Agnes and Ethel Robertson wished to ensure that the family business remained active and independent, and that it would continue to give support they had given to charities.

The Robertson Trust uses its dividends from Edrington to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland. To date, it has given more than £250 million to charities in Scotland and it is now the country's largest independent grant-making trust.

To learn more about the Robertson sisters and the remarkable trust they created, visit The Robertson Trust website.


Edrington's success is built on Great People, Leading Brands and Giving More.


Great People

We ask our people to inspire, collaborate, engage, deliver and create a climate that is open to change.


Leading Brands

Our brands anticipate consumer needs. They are transparent and honest. They are relentless in the pursuit of quality. They create an affinity with consumers. They strive to perform in their category.


Giving More

Our commitment to giving more is built on five principles:

Progress: to make a difference to the communities we give to

Purpose: to bind Edrington employees together in a common cause

Partnership: to build networks of likeminded businesses

Sustainability: to leave a positive footprint for others to follow

Humility: not done for public acclaim

Giving More

Great People

Edrington encourages its employees to champion charitable cause they feel truly passionate about, helping them raise funds and meet personal goals.

Every employee is given three days a year paid leave to work for a charity making a difference in their community.

When our employees raise funds for a charity, Edrington matches those funds to double the value. The Robertson Trust also matches funds raised for charities in Scotland, thereby turning every £1 into £3.